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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At Last! The Sun is Shining!

One of the main reasons we chose Cuenca is its gorgeous weather. So, needless to say, we had been quite distraught since it had been raining since last Thursday with only very short periods of reprieve. I usually don't mind the rain, but this time it sure made this transition more challenging.Sometimes rain has a way of making things look dirtier and dingier than they really are.

Today the sun is shining and Cuenca once again allows us to enjoy its magnificent topography. This picture is taken from the street where we currently live called Celiano Monge. We are about a 45 minute walk ($2 cab drive) from the city center which you can see in the background of this picture. 

Solutions to the challenges we encountered when we arrived are underway: hot water is working (for the most part); we got the internet to work last Saturday afternoon and soon (hopefully) we'll have a faster connection and I will be able to use my laptop around the house instead of being forced to share the small office with Bob; we've cleaned the house enough so that we don't feel grossed out and this week professional cleaners will finish up the rest and fix some things around the house; Bob will soon be able to watch his beloved news as we are adding more English speaking channels to the TV selection which currently is limited to 3 channels.

Right now all of these things seem so insignificant, yet when we arrived here last Wednesday evening, exhausted from the trip and from the drama with customs and Star, all of these silly things seemed to be swallowing me.

Funny what a bit of rest and some sunshine can do to my perspective!


  1. I got your comment, about the water, on my blog post today. So, I looked Cuenca up on a map. Looks like it's along way from the water.
    Do they scuba dive in Ecuador?

  2. We are more mountain than water people but check this out and However you would love the biking around here... The National Park of Cajas is very close and I hear many American enjoy biking through it. Come and visit!