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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Magical Texas Hill Country


A week to rest, what a gift!!!! So, as usual, our question was: What to do? But, life had a plan: Do Nothing, Just Rest, Just Be!

After learning that we couldn't leave on the 13th we continued our trip as planned for the next day. We went to Forth Worth to see Bob's brother, Gene and his wife, Jo. We had lunch with them and had a great time. And it was here where we started our magical journey with nature. A neighbor had a couple of gorgeous horses and I loved watching them run in the field. I don't think that there is anything more majestic that horses galloping... such freedom, such grace! I felt blessed.

We stayed that night in Dallas. I went online and found us a place in the Hill Country, south west of Austin, in a small town called Wimberley. By now we had been on the road for 3 nights and Star was getting tired of the hotels so our little cottage felt like home. She settled in right away happy as she could be.

It hasn't rained in over 6 months in much of Texas and with record temperatures of 100 degrees every day, there is simply not much to do other than rest. The extent of our activity for 6 days was our walks every morning around 6:30 AM. These walks offered us the most incredible experiences.

Deer were all around us and let us get very close to them just watching us as we passed by. Hawks and rabbits played the hide and seek game of predator and pray ... Hawks were so close to us we could hear their wings flap as they took flight. In a near by river the ducks enjoyed themselves swimming in crystal clear waters, watching them was so peaceful. And then the very best... twice we were blessed with the presence of a gray fox. For Native Americans the gray fox represents shape shifting and is a symbol of good luck, both meanings very significant for us right now. This magical animal let us get so close to him that we couldn't believe it. It just sat there looking at us for the longest time as we walked towards him... just beautiful.

So, for 6 days we simply slept, ate and walked in the magic of nature feeling blessed. Renewed and grateful we started our way to Houston.

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