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Friday, June 17, 2011

Leaving Asheville... Oh No!

Last February Bob and I went to Ecuador after watching a program on TV that featured this beautiful country. We went to Cuenca and found it to be a wonderful city. Many Americans are moving there because it has a lot to offer: it is clean, safe, beautiful; it has great medical facilities, 3 major universities; the currency is the American dollar; and it is affordable. We, as the gypsies that we are, decided to move there. But, when going somewhere, we have to leave where we are, and leaving Asheville is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done.

Writing this post in the past tense doesn't make sense as the love I feel for Asheville, its people and its energy, is very much in the present and will always be with me.

Yes, I love Asheville. I love everything about this gorgeous city. I loved it the first time I went there over 2o years ago; and, during the two and half years I lived there, I was the happiest I've ever been, and fell in love with this city more and more deeply every day I was there.

I love the beautiful green home we built there. I love having had the opportunity to work with architects Aaron and Calder Wilson and with very talented artists (turned friends) such as Warren Perdue, to create a house filled with art, light and joy.

I love, Kennilworth, the neighborhood we chose as our own; and especially our warm and caring neighbors who became our friends and whose smiles and love nourished our hearts and souls.

I love the special friends we made and all the fun, meals, and laughter filled moments we've shared.

I love the mountains and the views. I love the bear that came to see us last year and all the birds, the raccoons, the possums, the squirrels, the turtles, the chipmunks, and my friends the loud crows. I love the cats of the neighborhoods who visited us every day, such as Charlie and the feral cat I named, The Hungry One. I love all the neighborhood dogs: Jada, Letty, Buddie, Jumper, Panda, Zorro, Billie, Big K, Rosie, Sug, Wally, Nessie, Otto, and the old late Star whose name we chose for our pup to honor her life.

I love my yoga teacher, Cindy Dollar, and the friends I made at her studio, One Center Yoga. Cindy guided me in a journey of transformation and health for last two and a half years, for her teachings and her love I will always be grateful.

I love Brother Wolf Animal Rescue with its wonderful people and animals all of whom touched us deeply and changed our lives.

I love my hair stylist, Amanda Seta, whose incredibly loving energy filled my soul every time I went to her peaceful studio, Wildflower.

I love my massage therapist, Lynn Harris, who became my friend and healer.

I love that I could take Star to agility and that our instructors where patient and knowledgeable.

I love all the restaurants that carter to my vegetarian requirements... the green smoothies and all the freshly creative and delicious cuisine that is a signature of Asheville... One of may favorite restaurants Fig Bistro went out of its way to make a special vegetarian meal for me on my last birthday.

I love Greenlife grocery store, now Wholefoods with an Asheville flair. I love the staff and the products and the characters that go there.

I love the eccentricity and diversity of the people of Asheville. I love its creative energy and the spiritual strength of the mountains that surround the city... Oh how... will I miss the Blue Ridge Mountains!

I love the La Zoom purple bus as it make its rounds around the city making tourist laugh while they learn about this place.

I love Asheville's rich architecture ... the Flat Iron Building, the Grove Arcade, the Biltmore Estate with its beautiful gardens and wonderful walking trails ... and one of my favorite buildings: the S & W Cafeteria ...

I love the farmer markets, City Bakery, and the West Asheville Bakery...

I love the Asheville performers such as Jenna Lindbo... her sweet melodies and joyful smile. I love the drum circle -- a weekly gathering of joy and rhythm.

I cried for days as I left this wonderful place... the pain simply too great to hide, and at times even to bear. I allowed myself to feel the grief of the apparent loss completely knowing that a love this deep will always stay with me... it has changed me forever enriching my soul in ways I still have to discover. I knew it was important to feel the experience totally and without restrain, to let it rip my heart to pieces, to feel it all... pain is also part of love.

It's been a week since we left my beloved city and a lot has happened since then. New adventures, new experiences await and the story goes on. Yes, it does.

Tomorrow is another day. More is to come.

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