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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ahhh... Alpaca Blankets, One of the Luxuries of Cuenca, Ecuador by Star

When we moved to Cuenca it was supposed to be sunny and warm, but it hasn't been. It hass rained every day since we arrived, some days a lot while others not so much. With the rain come the colder temperatures. At this altitude whenever the sun is out you can feel it, and when it hides you can feel it too. I have a thick coat and never needed or wanted blankets before, so when mom was all excited about the new blankets she bought in the market, I paid no attention. Then she placed them at the foot of the bed... "Wait a second! That's my place!" My protest went unheard.

Since I couldn't get away from these things she placed on MY side of the bed, I had no choice but to rest my head on one of them. OMG! What happened? Did I die and I'm sleeping on the clouds? These things are sooooo soft and so warm. Mom explained that she got two types: the 100% Alpaca and the 50% cotton/Alpaca. The latter are the softest and the ones she placed on my side of the bed. Mom can keep the more expensive purebred blanket. My mutt blankets are the best! And, yes they are mine now, after all, she gave them to me, wouldn't you agree? How could she even think about taking them away from me?

Could you?


  1. Awwww, love that picture of Star. How can you resist that face?

  2. I bought 3 supposed "alpaca" blankets at the Plaza de San Francisco market in Cuenca that turned out to be 100% acrylic. A rip-off at $18 each. Buyer beware.