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Monday, July 4, 2011

Almost Two Weeks In Cuenca -- Some of my favorite things...

This evening would make two weeks since we arrived in Ecuador and this Wednesday will be two weeks that we are in Cuenca. Things are all different and it takes a while to get used to them, but there is so much beauty in this city that I'm already starting to feel like I'm home.

One of the things I enjoy the most about Cuenca is to see how kids are allowed to be children. They play in the parks joyfully. I'm sure that in the more affluent families, kids watch TV and play video games like kids do in the States, but as a general rules, kids play like I used to do when I was growing up. Also, kids are quite independent here from an early age; it feels like a small town in that sense.
These two girls were running, jumping and doing wheels and laughing for what seemed hours... Joy doesn't cost anything. It is free. We only have to open ourselves and let it in!

Another one of my favorite things about Cuenca is the creativity of its people and the art around it. This is something quite important to me. The other day, walking around the city we encountered this gorgeous piece in front of the School of Dance. Called art of fire, this metal-rock art piece is in the street where all the metal workers have their shops.

This beautiful park by the School of Dance was funded by donations from all over the world; gifts which are honored by these columns.

Another of my favorite things about Cuenca is that all the veggies are fresh and taste incredibly rich. Bob and I have quickly adapted to the Cuencanos habits of eating a large lunch and light dinners. Here is dinner for me the other day.

Delicious avocado, tomatoes and organic spinach with a cheese roll...Bob's dinner was a meat stew and fresh tomatoes... that he loved as well...

And so, we get settled in our new life in Cuenca making joy, creativity and art, and good healthy food part of this simpler life.


  1. I love reading your blog! I feel as if we're just a few miles apart as opposed to thousands! Glad to hear your settling in and relaxing with trips around the city! The house your in now looks amazing! With beautiful mountains around!!! You know how I love the mountains! Of course, I'm always interested in how fresh the food is!!! Looks delicious!!!!!! We love you and look forward to hearing more about the "simpler" journey you have ahead of you!!! Peace and Love my friend! j

  2. Julie, as always thank you so very much for all your love and friendship... we are but just a thought away... always in my heart. Love you too!