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Friday, July 1, 2011

A Butterfly on My Mom's Shoulder and Another on her Wrist by Star

People do the funniest things. One day before we left Asheville mom went out and came back with a bandage on her shoulder. I could smell that something was wrong and I wanted to help her heal by licking the spot; but, for the next three days I was not allowed close to her shoulder. I finally saw what she had done... it looked like she had a butterfly on her shoulder. Oh no, did she kill one and glued it on? She wouldn't do that, would she? I still don't know how it got there... it looked like someone had painted it on her. Later I heard her say to her friends that it was a tattoo; and that, yes it hurt, but because it was so small it didn't hurt long. Hmmm...

It took me a while to understand why she did that to herself, and I'm still not sure I really know. But, I've heard her tell the story to others, so here it goes.

Mom loves Asheville, the city we came from, and she wanted to take a bit of this city with her forevermore. I know she is telling the truth when she says that almost everyone has tattoos in Asheville. So, she thought that getting one would be like taking a piece of Asheville with her. If you ask me, that's a bit much. I would have taken a bit of dirt or a stone. But mom insists that it's the symbolism of the whole thing... whatever that means.

I've heard her say that butterflies represent transformation and that this move to Cuenca requires her to change, so the butterfly is a reminder of the need to the modify how she sees and react to the world around her. I do this naturally, you know; I have no idea why she needs a reminder!

She also says that butterflies move with grace through life and that she aspires to do the same. Have you ever tried to catch one of those things? I have and I tell you it's hard. They hop around without a plan so I can never figure out where they're going to land. But, I have to agree with mom, butterflies move lightly though life; I like watching them fly.

Mom got another butterfly and she loves that one too. No, she didn't get another tattoo; one was enough for her. The one on her wrist came from her friend Nancy who gave her a bracelet with a tiny butterfly in it for her birthday. From time to time I catch her staring at it. I'm sure she is thinking about the transformation thing, but when I see a smile on her face, I know she is thinking of her friend.


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