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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chickens are Different in Cuenca by Star

Yes, chickens are definitely different in Cuenca. I think they're tastier, but mom, being a vegetarian, doesn't partake of the delicious chickens, so she has to take my word for it. I have no idea why these chickens taste so much better, but, trust me, they do. Mom has been cooking for me for a long time. My favorite meal is chicken, even with the disguised veggies she adds to it. So I'm what you would call a chicken connoisseur.

Mom brags about the rich taste of the tomatoes, avocados, other fruits and all the veggie she eats; but for me, it's the chickens!

We were walking the other day and we saw some chickens. The poor things were eating Styrofoam!!! Mom had her camera so I asked her for proof to show you. Mom felt bad for the chicks, I felt bad for me!

Is that what I've been eating? OMG! No much nutrition on that, is there? I'm better off with Purina or cardboard! Mom explained to me that those chickens were not the ones I eat. I felt better.

Chickens in Cuenca look about the same. Here is one in the pot before mom cooked it for me.

See, no much different than a chicken from back at home ... except that chickens here include their heads in the package.

When mom was getting ready to cook the first chicken for me here in Cuenca, I heard a loud "Uhhhh... Yikes!" I came running into the kitchen and she was beside herself. I thought: 'It's just a chicken head, mom! It's probably quite tasty.' But she refused to cook it for me and it went into the trash. I knew mom loved me a lot, but now I know she really, really loves me. She has to look at the chicken head every time she cooks for me, and I know she would rather not do that.


  1. Ugh!!!!!! gross! Star you are one special girl to your mum cause you'd be the first doggy to become a vegetarian if I had to cut off the chickens head!!!!!!!! hahahaha!!1 Give your mummy a big kiss!!!!!!

  2. Wait till I start going to the indigenous market to buy the chickens for her. I've taken the easy road these past two weeks and have gone to the SuperMaxi -- the modern supermarkets here. I'm sure I'll have to deal with the feet as well! I call that love :-)