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Monday, July 18, 2011

Doctors (Daddy's Vets) in Cuenca by Star

It was 5:45 AM when mom and I heard a tumble. Mom had heard dad get up, but I was still snoozing... When we heard the bump, bump, bump, mom sprinted out of the bed and ran down the stairs... I'm like: "what the heck is going on, people? don't you know I need my beauty sleep?" but I followed mom down the stairs to see what was up. There was dad on the floor. "Had he decided that it was too hot in bed and opted for the floor, like I do during the night?" Given mom's state I decided that was probably not the case. Mom helped dad off the floor and with panic in her voice she kept asking: "are you OK? are you OK? She helped him to the sofa and then I realized all was well and I came back to bed. Dad just had a bad tumble, but he was fine...

All seemed fine, except that dad went back to bed after taking a bath which is normally not the case. Hmmm I guess I have to continue sharing MY bed today. Most mornings I get the entire bed for myself as dad and mom get busy. Not today, dad was in the bed. Then mom took me for a walk and then they left in a cab. I had heard mom say the other day that dad was going to his vet today because he needed his prescriptions refilled or something like that. I think mom was happy that the tumble happened today to have dad checked.

They just got back from the doctor and are going on and on about their experience. First they had to go early because they don't make appointments. So, they get to the office doctor, they pay, and take a number. They were #3 and paid a total amount of $25 for the doctors visit... yes, $25... That's the price of about 4 chickens in my world. I know... these are expensive chickens.

Office hours in the morning are from 10 to 1 and the doctor started to see people right on time. At 10:30 the doctor called dad's number and they went in. This doctor speaks English and took his time with dad, filled his prescriptions and examined him just to make sure he didn't hurt himself when he tumbled. All was good, and dad just has a bad case of soreness and a few bumps. He's always had a hard head! At least that's what mom says. Thank God!

Mom said that while in the visit the doctor was 100% focused on dad. Dad said that it was as if everything else ceased to exist... except for two interruptions...another American had an emergency. The doc apologized profusely and explained why he had to take the calls. There are no assistants, no secretaries, no office managers; just a receptionist for the entire floor so the doc answers his own phone!

When they were done, they got a business card with the doc's HOME telephone number and his CELL phone number. Mom and dad were besides themselves. They had heard about the amazing medical care in Ecuador but they said that experiencing it was very nice. The doctor told dad to slow down... which I know he wasted his time because dad never will slow down.

I'm sure glad that dad is doing well and that they had such a nice experience. My only question is: will vets be as nice? I definitely don't want to find out, so no running down the stairs for me... no way.


  1. In many countries of the world, they have a medical system that works well at a fair price.
    Sounds like Equador is on that list.
    In America we have politicians who tells us, loudly, that we "have the best medical system in the world" thinking that makes it true and us healthy ..... and we let them.
    Glad to hear Bob is OK!

  2. Thanks Mike... I too am glad he is OK... It could have been bad. You are so right about the medical care in the US vs in many other countries. When we lived in South Africa, we had the best medical care and it looks we'll have it here as well.

  3. Lizette I was worried when you said Star said he went back to bed. I am so glad everything is okay. I am wondering if you can share with me the doctors info since we will have to find one here.


  4. Sure Susan will send you a message with his info...