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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mom, Can You Please Read? --- A Park in Cuenca by Star

When my mom choose this house to rent, she was told and saw that the largest park in Cuenca was just five or six blocks from the house. So as soon as we got here mom had to show me this park. When we got to the park mom saw the following sign from the street.

Of course, she didn't bother to get closer so she could read the sign, instead she interpreted the picture and decided dogs were not allowed in the park. WRONG! Mom was really annoyed and went on and on for a long time about why wouldn't they let dogs in the park. Two days ago mom and I were walking again, and she decided that perhaps she could see an area where dogs were allowed. As she got closer to the sign she realized that had she read instead of jumping to conclusions she would have known that it's only dogs without a leash that are not allowed in the park!  This of course makes perfect senses, except for all the street dogs. I wonder if they can read the sign and know that hey don't have a leash, so they don't go in. Hmmmm... I will observe and report.

At any rate, mom was elated to find we could go in and discover this place. And so we did! I was so proud of her for trying once more. Look at me, this is my "I'm proud of my mom" face.

This is a park, I'm telling you. It's called El Paraiso (Paradise), and a paradise it is. It's a very big park. Lots of sports fields for kids to play in, a duck pond, lots of green space and trees and flowers, and of course the river. It's a real special place and I'm sure we'll be going there every day.

This park is so big that we may be able to find a place to play ball off leash. We saw some dogs doing that. It will be awesome to have a place to run, that's one thing I really miss. Mom told me she may try to see if they can dedicate a space to a dog park. Who knows! What I would really love to see is some real agility equipment. Mom makes me jump logs and rocks serve in place of the table ... it's a joke really, but I go along with her. I miss my agility classes, my doggie friends and my agility teacher, Robert. He was the best. Maybe I can get him to come visit. I'm not the best agility dog there is, but I have fun. My classmate, Dancer, on the other hand is something else. I loved to watch him go. He is wild. Boy I sure miss agility. Hopefully we can find a place where we can practice here.

Now, I thought you would like to see for yourself how beautiful this park is; so, I've included some pictures below.

And, of course mom had to take a picture of the ducks....

So boring... I just had to yawn ...

Until the next report... keep away from the ducks.


  1. Hi Star,

    The park in Cuenca looks simply gorgeous. Our ducks here in Southern California are mallards, and they like to hang out in our pool, much to our dismay. (Messy critters!)

    You look like you are enjoying the Park and the ducks... now that you are allowed in! LOL

    My two tzus, Mollie and Sophie, would just love to run around and check it out with you. Maybe some day...

    They are enjoying your adventures in the blog almost as much as I am.

    Have a great weekend! Keep chasing those ducks!


  2. Hi Star and Lizette and Bob! So glad to hear you've found a beautiful place to go walking with your mum! It really does look beautiful there and I hope your mum can get a place for you to run someday! Until then have fun and don't chase the ducks!!! hahaha Peace and Love j

  3. Gayle; Star and I will love to show Mollie and Sophie around. This is a great place, we just came from our walk and there are lots of people walking their dogs there -- :-)

  4. Julie, maybe one day you can enjoy this place with us as well. I think you would fall in love!

  5. Thank you so much, Lizette!

    We will be coming without Mollie and Sophie in September. We will get situated in Cuenca, and then the plan is to go back to
    So Cal in November and fly them back with us when we return to Ecuador after Thanksgiving.

    We will definitely take you up on your offer when "the girls" get to Ecuador! We look forward to a play date at the park with you and Star.