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Friday, July 22, 2011

One Small Thing that Makes Mom Happy by Star

The other day mom came back from town happy as she could be. I didn't know what made her so joyful until she said with a big smile: "It worked," as she pulled an envelope out of her backpack. You see my silly mom mailed herself a card from Asheville, and it got here.

It took about two weeks for the card to get to Cuenca, which is what she had heard it would take. Yet, somehow knowing that it does work made her really happy.

There is no residential mail delivery here in Cuenca probably because many streets don't have names and are referred to as "Calle S/N" which stands for "Calle Sin Nombre = Street without a name." Also most houses don't have a number.  For example the house where we live doesn't have a number so mom has to refer to it as "the house next to the last one on the right side of the street." I guess that's partly why there is no mail delivery. Can you imagine what the mailing addresses would look like?

If you want to get mail in Cuenca, the only answer seems to be a Post Office Box. However, the other day we were walking and we saw a mail truck ... we still don't know what that was all about... perhaps they were delivering mail to the only house with a number in that street which did have a name... hmmm

Now you got our address, so you can send me fan mail. I'm sure mom will read it to me and I promise to reply.


  1. When we lived in New Mexico, just outside of the small town of Raton. Our address, in the phone book, was "East of Raton".
    The house we lived in had been built by the previous owner, one of lawyers in town.
    When we 1st moved there we would go to great lengths to explain to people where we lived, usually without any success at all until we said "Terry ____'s House".

  2. That's so amazing Mike! I guess that's the way it is in a small town in the US. How did you get your mail? The mailman probably knew everyone in town???

  3. In the Deep South, people still give directions like (condensed for space purposes): "Ya know the old man Joe's tractor that broke down last year, well yah, your gonna turn left there, go up a hair, and where the row of corn is too high 'cause Sonny is a lazy man, well turn on the bend, now Josie's dog is gonna git to whooping and follow for a bit, that's where Miss Jenny lives." Love it!

  4. We tried the same thing. I had my daughter mail a "fake" letter to our building and we received it after 15 days. We still haven't had anyone send anything of value through the mail. Maybe some day.

  5. Sue and Pat, my mom has been expecting a couple of magazines that were supposed to get here in July but nothing has come yet. She went to the Post Office today and came back home disappointed... but she's heard that this actually works so we keep hoping :-)

  6. Tami... that is so funny. You got mom laughing :-)I'm sure people get that creative here in the smaller towns as well...

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