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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Altitude of Cunca Still Makes Me Tired But The Dogs Here Make Me Happy! by Star

It has been almost two months since we arrived in Cuenca and I still get tired easily. We are at 8,500 feet; and, boy can I feel it! My mom and dad are doing better than me, but I think that's because they came here twice before this year. My vet told us that it could take 90 days or so and I guess she was right.

Yesterday we went to Parque Paraiso and mom finally let me run and she played ball with me. It was fantastic. We all love this park...

I played with mom and with other doggies, but then I got tired... this darn altitude. I wonder when I'll get my old energy back.

But just as I thought I was too tired to play, here comes Capulina... don't you love that name?

I've got to get my mom to get me one of these dresses... I am feeling left out! Check this out!!! She is FRIGHTFULLY CUTE, isn't she, and so is her owner.

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