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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daddy, Learn Spanish Quickly, Please!!! by Star

Mom says that speaking Spanish doesn't mean that you can communicate with people in Cuenca. She also says that this is true in any language... but I know she is wrong because in doggie language we understand each other and communicate just fine and many times without the need for a bark... but humans are different. Take dad, for example, he is studying Spanish diligently, going to class, studying hours a day, and trying to speak whenever he can. So, I shouldn't be as hard on him, but he can get me in trouble sometimes.

The other day we were waiting for mom in front of the SuperMaxi (one of Cuenca's nice supermarkets). A lady came by and asked dad "Bravo, bravo?" referring to me. Dad with a big smile said said "si, si, si".... I noticed that the lady who had been trying to pet me changed her demeanor and quickly left, but dad didn't get it. When mom came out dad proudly said that there was a lady who really liked me. Mom asked what she had said and dad said: Bravo, bravo, bravo! Mom smiling told dad that 'bravo' is used here in reference to a dog as we use the word 'mean' in the States. So, my dear dad was basically telling the lady that I was a really mean dog!!!! Can you believe that?

You would think that for mom it is easy to communicate here since she speaks Spanish fluently... which to me sounds like blah, blah, blah, blah.... the funny thing is that it must sound like that to many Cuencanos who ask her to repeat what she says or who look at her like she came from Mars. Apparently she has the same trouble understanding some people here, as she also asks them to repeat what they say over and over again and in many occasions she gives up pretending she understood, but when dad asks her what the person said, she confesses she has no idea.

Wouldn't it be better if all humans learned doggie communication skills? I think doggie language should be the universal language. What do you think? Are you ready to smell some butt? Mom says maybe not.


  1. Hello Star!

    That is too funny ... Your Dad telling that lady that you are "mean"...I know it cannot be true! But that's a great story of how people that speak different languages can be easily misunderstood.

    Too bad people can't just show they're friendly by wagging their tail!! HahaHA...{{WAG}} {{WAG}}

  2. That's so true :-) I can just see my mom wagging her tail... he, he, he :-)

  3. Good morning Star,

    I remember when I got to Cuenca (from Quito) I could not understand a thing. I had a hard time in Quito but the language in Cuenca was like going to another world. Please be patient with Mom and Dad - they will learn quickly. Please tell Mom and Dad hello for me.

    Oh Katie says hello too - she said that she will write soon - she is still learning how to use the mouse and keyboard. Abbie (Shitzu), Dancer, Gracie (Aussie) all say hello too. They miss you in class and keep asking when you are coming to visit. Kebi and Koki, moved to Florida, their Mom got a really good job there.


  4. Hello Robert; thank you so much for checking out my blog. I miss your classes so much. You are the best agility teacher in the world; and, I hope you come to visit us in Cuenca one day. I promise to be more patient with mom and dad :-) I hear about Dancer once in a while. I am so glad Abbie and Gracie are doing well and I'm sure you are all missing Kebi and Kobi and their mom. I miss you all. Woof, woof!