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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I LOVE Shopping in Cuenca! By Star

Mom and dad go to the bakery every day like it's customary here in Cuenca. A couple of stores down the bakery on 10 de Agosto there was a fish store when we first moved in. Some weeks later the fish store was gone and renovations started. Then a couple of weeks ago the BEST store in town opened. Mom is not much of a shopper, but I love to shop, and Tiny's Shopping is just my kind of store.

I want to stop at Tiny's every time we go by, but mom and dad are a drag and they only let me go in once a week even though I pull like hell when we walk by. This is a gorgeous store and the owners are really nice and always say hi to me. I think I'm their most loyal customer! I also like the fact that they don't sell dogs or cats there. Most pet shops in Cuenca have puppy mill dogs for sale, and this makes my mom sad. Tiny Shopping is different, it's well stocked, a happy and fun store.

I love this store... especially my bones!!!

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