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Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet Dharyal and Jorge, my Neighbors in Cuenca

I thought I was the most spoiled dog in the neighborhood until we met Dharyal. She wears a red dress all the time. Check this out. It's like a tu-tu! She looks so cute! I wonder how I would look in one of those things.

Before we moved to Cuenca mom told me she had heard that people here dress up their dogs a lot more than we do in the States. Although we saw some evidence of that around town they were more the sweater kind and we hadn't really seen dresses like the ones Dharyl wears.

It's evident that Jorge cares a lot about Dharyal and he is very protective of her. He is a sweet young man who is very polite, warm and friendly with all three of us. He speaks with mom and dad with a lot of respect, yet he is not shy and loves to talk with them. He is an example of how Ecuadorian kids are so very special.

We feel lucky to be Jorge and Dharyal's neighbors as we get to see them often. This is one more reason why we love Cuenca so very much.

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