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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet Scarface, Our Protector in Cuenca by Star

Yes, he's eating a bone and yes my mom and dad gave it to him and not to me! There is a story about Scarface. Do you remember my first post about the dogs in Cuenca? Scarface is the dog we saw that first day in our walk going after and biting another dog. Mom named him Mean then. I knew she would fall in love with him though. And sure enough she did, and so did my dad. I like Scarface, but he is a very tough dog and he doesn't like to play with me. He is all business. His face has the scars from all the previous fights, that's why mom named him Scarface, that was even before he decided he was going to offer us his protection services.

Scarface's real name is Lucas and he belongs to a family in the neighborhood, but he spends most of his time on the streets wondering around. One day he decided that he was going to be our protector. So almost every time we go out for a walk he comes out of nowhere like a ghost, and says hi to all of us; first to dad, then to mom and then to me. Then he goes in front of us barking and making noises and if another dog even thinks to come our way he goes after it. Most dogs know he means business; he may be small, but he is a big mean dog in his mind and apparently in the minds of other dogs as well who quickly move away. I like it because we can walk in peace without other dogs coming and smelling my butt, but when he goes crazy mom also goes crazy... By now you probably have an idea of how neurotic my mom is... Yet this dog actually minds my mom sometimes even more than I do. He gives me a bad reputation when he does that; I wish he wouldn't. But I have to admit that he really takes his job seriously especially when my mom and I are walking by ourselves; he is truly on guard then. Mom thinks he is quite the guy. Pleeeaaasee!!!!

After our walks he follows us home so he can get paid for his protection services. And, if there hasn't been any dogs in the walk, as we approach the house he always pretends there is one, goes way ahead of us and barks like crazy and then waits for us looking like: "you see what I did; that was a big one." But we all know that there no dog. He just wants his pay. He should know mom and dad will give him bones anyway, but he likes his job, I suppose.

Mom wants me to share with you another picture of Scarface. So here we go, and that's a good bone he's chewing on! Hmm... Life in Cuenca is never dull.