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Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting Prettied Up in Cuenca by Star

I'm very happy right now because I look great. I even got a pink bandana on that Caty, my new dog groomer, gave me.

It was about time that my mom found someone in Cuenca to pretty me up. It had been almost three months since I went to the beauty parlor at Brother Wolf in Asheville. I looked pretty messy, specially my paws. But mom somehow knows how to find the very best wherever we are; and, here in Cuenca, she found Caty Carrasco.

Getting beautiful is not pleasant all the time. I like the results, but they have to go way too close to my very private places; and, I also have to hold real still for a long time. Of course, having a mom like mine doesn't make it any easier... she has to take pictures of these embarrassing moments and forces me to publish them here for everyone to see.

I love Caty. She knows her stuff; she is very sweet and has a very special way with dogs, after all she has 14! She also comes to the house so I don't have to wait in a pen, a crate or anything. I'm like mom; I rather not wait at the beauty parlor. So, having Caty come here is the best way to get pretty, that's for sure.

Caty speaks English too, and this is a plus because, like dad, I'm still learning Spanish. So, I liked it when she called me "pretty girl." If you are in Cuenca and need a trim, a bath or your nails done, make sure your mom contacts Caty. I promise you'll like her!

You can contact Caty Carrasco at . She called my mom right back and was here right on time. She's a real jewel.


  1. Ahh, finding a good groomer is a wonderful thing. A groomer who comes to the house is a fantastic thing! i'm going to ask her if she trims cats nails. Thanks for the info.

  2. Oops. And Beautiful good dog,Star!!!

  3. Star,

    You look simply ravishing with your new bandana. I am pretty excited that Caty makes house calls. I have been hearing all the stories of crazy taxi drivers in Cuenca and was trying to figure out how I was going to keep my doodle "do" without having to ride in one. Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to meeting you soon!


  4. Yes, Barkley... My friends Java, Pennie and Copper had beauty treatments by Caty and loved her too. She is a keeper :-) Can't wait to you get here so I can show you around and take you to the park to play and run. My mom tells me I will get to meet your mom first though and soon. I can't wait!