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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Am an Inca Dog in Ecuador by Star

Cojitambo Inca Ruins

A couple of weeks ago I had the best day ever since we arrived in Cuenca.  Our parents took my buddy, Java, and me in a tour of some awesome places close to Cuenca. MIO Tours and Efrain are just the best!!! Here, Java and I are ready to depart...
Our first stop was the Inca Ruins of Cojitambo which is a magical place pretty high up. In Cuenca we are at 8,500 feet while Cojitambo is at 14,500 + feet. But I must be acclimated because I ran and ran and ran through those ruins and up the mountain side by side my friend, Java, without any problems.

There are some awesome views from Cojitambo. Check this out.... No wnder the Incas chose this place... you can see forever from here.

When we got ready to leave I didn't want to go, and all the humans were calling me while I had to get my last run.That was the best part of the day for me by far. From Cojitambo we went to the town of Biblian to check out a church that was built onto this rock mountain.

Our friend and tour guide, Efrain, held us while our parents went in the church. I also wanted to go in, but I couldn't... they should let doggies go in the church. We also want to pray and enjoy the beauty.

But at least I got to check out the view... you can see for miles and miles from this church.
Once our parents had taken lots of pictures it was time to go... or so we thought. But our parents had to buy candles and Java and I had to wait patiently in the car while they lit the candles and said their prayers.

From there we went to what mom called a wonderful restaurant in the town of Paute called Corvel. I wouldn't know if it's good or not since neither Java nor I got anything to eat. Somethings are just not fair! But, at least they brought us water and let us in the place ...that's pretty good in my view. Java and I were happy to just chill and get some rest from all that running around we had done earlier.

After that the meal we stopped at some places where Java and I weren't allowed. So, I'm not talking about these. Mom and the other humans seemed to have enjoyed themselves while Java and I sat in the car. Hmm! Thankfully those were short stops... Then on our way back to Cuenca, Efrain took us the long way through some beautiful country.

After almost eight hours we got back home, tired but happy. This has been, by far, my best day here in Ecuador. And, guess what? Tomorrow we have another one of these tours planned. I can't wait to run with my buddy, Java, see his parents and my friend Efrain again. I wonder what he's got planned for us. I bet you is really fun!


  1. Java and Star have the coolest parents!

  2. Wow, what an exciting adventure you had, Star! I love all the photos you posted. My favorite is the one of you looking at the view!

    What a fun day you had. Looking forward to your next adventure!!
    Looking forward to seeing you in September when we get to Cuenca.

  3. Gayle, we had another awesome day... I will soon share with all of you. Can't wait to meet you!