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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Misunderstandings In Cuenca Can Have BIG Consequences by Star

Remember when I shared with you the type of misunderstanding my parents had here in Cuenca, well they were all minor considering what happened to my friend Luna. Mom started taking me to play with Luna almost as soon as we arrived in Cuenca. What I didn’t know then is that Luna was in heat… I had no idea what that meant then, although by now I pretty much know what that’s all about. I just enjoyed Luna’s company so very much. One day, however, Matias, a huge Golden Retriever and a neighbor of Luna, came to visit. He wanted nothing to do with me, thank God! but had this strange way of playing with Luna. Luna really didn’t want him to do the things he wanted to do to her, but Matias is BIG, and getting him away from Luna took the efforts of my mom and Luna’s mom and they lost. It was quite funny really to see these women trying to mount this dog who looks more like a horse and pull him away from Luna. Yet, besides being entertaining, I still had no idea what was going on.

My mom told me that Luna’s mom had made sure that Matias was fixed. She doesn’t speak much Spanish but knows the word “castrado,” which has something to do with a male dog’s private parts. Boy, am I glad I’m a girl! Matias’ parents don’t speak English, but their daughter apparently does. At any rate, Luna’s mother asked Matias’ parents whether he was “castrado” or neutered. They smiled, moved their heads in agreement, and said “si, si, si.” Apparently this is the polite way some human Cuencanos communicate that they don’t understand a hoot. Luna’s mom told mine that she also looked for Matias’ balls and couldn’t find them… That really got me… what the heck do tennis balls have to do with all of this? But, the assumption was that there was no harm done. Harm? What are they talking about?

Weeks later we all started to notice changes in Luna. Her mom thought that Luna was suffering from canine false pregnancy. I listened to them talk wondering what on earth they were saying, but I know that sometimes they talk about lots of weird stuff that I don’t understand. The one thing I knew for sure was that my friend Luna wasn’t the same. 

One day, Matias came to visit again. My mom went to get him out and the same funny episode played out again. This time, however, mom was helped by Matias’ trainer. So, mom decided to ask him whether or not Matias had been neutered. Yep, you guessed it… there was nothing false about Luna’s pregnancy.
Three weeks ago my sweet friend Luna had six adorable puppies. I have gone to visit them twice. At first they looked like rats or “cuy,” the Ecuadorian name for guinea pig, but these little fellows smelled really nice. This past week they were already willing to play and they now look like real puppies. Luna is ready to play again, although she has some big things hanging out her belly. Soon the puppies will be ready for their forever homes, so please, if you want to be the proud owner of one of Luna’s wonderful pups or know someone who does, let us know. Check a couple of them out... how can you resist?

There is good in everything, and these puppies are just wonderful; but, come on people, let’s learn some Spanish!


  1. Perhaps a more realistic way to learn about reproduction than the birds and the bees.... that was a fun post and the pups are adorable.