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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Practicing Yoga in Cuenca by Star

Moving to Cuenca, Ecuador meant that mom couldn't go to her yoga classes at One Center Yoga in Asheville, NC to learn from her incredible teacher Cindy Dollar. Mom was all sad about this loss, so I told her not to worry since we could practice yoga together in Cuenca. After all, I do the perfect Downward and Upward Dog poses; remember when I showed Java the other day? I figured though that I needed to learn a few other poses if I was going to practice with mom regularly. I know mom learns a lot from her Yoga Journal magazines, so I decided I should study too.

Mom says that in addition to the perfect Downward and Upward Dog poses I do a flawless Mountain Pose... even my jaw is relaxed, and mom tells me this is a good thing which I confirmed by reading mom's Yoga Journal magazines.
Mom and I have lots of fun practicing yoga. I've tried to do head stand with her, but I have a bit of trouble with that pose so I created my own. Mom says it is not Iyengar approved, and I have no idea why... I call it the Kissing Upside Down Face pose, and it makes my mom laugh a lot.
A month ago mom found an Iyengar teacher here in Cuenca; her name is Lily and she taught kids in Maine. Mom is thrilled; and, although I can't go to yoga classes her, we continue our regular home practice together. And the best thing is that Lily is also a dog agility trainer, so mom got a yoga instructor and I get an agility trainer, all in one person. I can't wait to start my classes. Mom and I feel blessed.

All the little pieces are falling into place and we can truly call Cuenca home.


  1. Wonderful poses, Star! I love the last photo... the Kissing upside down pose!!That made me laugh out loud!

    Keep up the practice!! I'm so happy you and your Mom each found your new instructor in Cuenca!

    {{Hugs}} to you both!


  2. Hi there, would you be able to provide Lily's contact information? I am interested in the dog agility classes as well.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Sure Holly, can you email my mom...her email is in our profile. Just click there. One of Lily's dog, Coco, was stolen so she is grieving, and the equipment is being built but soon mom tells me we'll be practicing again... so send that email and I'll get to meet your dog(s) and you. of course. Star

  4. Star,

    I love all of your poses. You have great form. I practice my Downward Dog daily, but I am best at my relaxation poses. Maybe our moms can get together for some yoga classes after we move to Cuenca. Hope to meet you soon.

    Paws & Woofs,


  5. Absolutely Barkley! Can't wait to meet you!



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