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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quite the Week For Me Here in Cuenca by Star

Wow! This has been quite the week for me. It started last Sunday when Java's parents brought him to stay with us because they had to go back to Canada for a few weeks. Sunday was fine, although I don't like to share my house or mom and dad, so I had to get used to that.

Monday mom and dad took Java and me to the park and I noticed Java wouldn't run much or play with me. Well, he kept getting worse and worse and by Wednesday Java couldn't get up. It was really tough to get him out to do his business. I tried to nudge him up, but it took both mom and dad to pick him up and take him to the front yard. So I, like a good nurse, stayed with him all the time just watching over him from a distance.

Mom and I slept downstairs on the floor with Java just to ensure he was OK. Mom and dad were really worried and so was I. I checked on him frequently and smelled him to find out what was wrong with him. Sometimes he didn't like it.

Thursday evening mom decided to give him some of her homeopathic remedies. By Friday afternoon when she took him to the vet with Caty, my groomer, he was all better. We were all touched by Caty's generosity and her caring for Java's well being. She took mom and Java to the vet she uses, Dr. Fabrizzio Guerrero who according to my mom is also a very caring and competent vet. I guess I will have to go meet him soon.

Yesterday I had a conversation with Java about doing yoga. I told him that he wouldn't be in this situation if he practiced everyday like I do with my mom. I even showed him how to do my favorite pose, but as you can see, he wasn't interested in the least.
Thankfully Java got all better, and he is now running around like nothing happened to him.

But that was not all that happened this week. Remember our defender, Scarface, well Monday he came around and he had a really bad wound. My mom cleaned it and used some of her natural stuff to help him out. But she wanted to take him to the vet. Scarface has an owner and so dad reminded her that she wasn't supposed to take another person's dog to the vet without their knowing. Mom was devastated and I sympathized with her because poor Scarface's wound was really bad. Mom fed him, as she always does, did what she could about the wound and then let him go, praying that the owner would take him to the vet.

The next day it was obvious that he had not been taken to vet, and there was no stopping mom. We all had to go see Scarface's owner and mom begged him to take him to vet. She apologized for getting involved in his business and told him she just couldn't help herself since she was afraid Scarface was going to lose his eye. He said he would take him in 20 minutes. Mom and dad knew that, unfortunately, he was not going to do it. Many people here in Cuenca just tell you what they think you want to hear. So mom kept doing what she could for Scarface who didn't seem to be bothered at all by his horrible wound. It's amazing how strong dogs are here in Ecuador. Scarface is my friend and I felt really bad for him, but I didn't fret like mom did. She needs to learn that she can't change the world, that the only person to change is herself, but this seems to be a really hard lesson for her.

Yet, after all these heartaches, the week ended better, thank God. Java is all better. Scarface's wound has continued to improve; and, yesterday we went to see Luna's pups. I really like puppies except when they pull my tail or try to bite my neck.They have really sharp teeth, you know?

 But, even I have to admit that these pups are very cute.

After playing with the pups we went to Parque Paraiso and, as usual, I loved it! I even met a new friend so that was really fun. Java did well walking to the park and then we both chilled while mom and dad talked to other Americans who gather there every Saturday afternoon.

Today my week came to an end in a great way. One of my readers friends, LT, came to Cuenca from the States and brought me some of my favorite treats. I knew the moment mom got the bag out of her backpack and just couldn't wait. I even shared a couple with Java. I can't wait to meet LT and thank her.

As I said before, this was quite the week!


  1. Thank you for caring for Java with your Mom and Dad while we are visiting Canada. You are a great friend Star!