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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cuenca Knows How to Throw a Party by Star

During the first week of November Cuenca celebrates its Fiestas, and Cuencanos know how to throw a party. It's a whole week of celebrations with parades, art shows, music, dancing, fairs, carnivals and circus for the children, fireworks and visits by government officials.

I only went to the best day of the Fiestas which was the 3rd of November when Cuenca celebrated its independence. But mom and dad enjoyed other days and showed me the pictures; it looked like a lot of fun perhaps next year I can go to all the activities.

Mom especially liked the kids. She always has a soft spot for children and dogs.

Thursday, Nov 3 started early. We wanted to see the military parade, but mom and dad had been invited to attend the presentation of a book called "The Flight of the Hummingbird" to the vice president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno Garces at the Parque San Sebastian. Both events were scheduled at the same time, and I'm  glad we went to the one on San Sebastian as I got to see the vice president up close and personal.
Here is vice president Moreno arriving. It was shocking how close they let people get to him. We tried to get a good look but I really couldn't so mom had to show me the pictures. She says I am too heavy to pick me up.

Mom was really impressed with the vice president's speech. She is never captivated by politicians so he must have been really good. She said that he talked about quantum physics, about our oneness and about the hummingbird's wisdom. It was all very nice, she said; but there were other speeches, and I was getting bored so I went to see a puppy who was very cute. I really like puppies.

After I played with the puppy I had fun with LT's boots. Remember the LT who brought me my treats from the States? Well, she joined us and she had a great pair or boots on... very colorful. I like LT.

But, as colorful as LT's boots were I got distracted by this cute little girl who was wearing some Minnie Mouse ears and then she started to dance. It was quite the show.
The event was long and I was getting hot and bored until this handsome Basset mix came to my rescue.
I first thought he was really nice, but then he got a bit pesky so I tried to ignore him but I think he fell in love with me because he followed me everywhere. He even offered me some flowers. I have to admit he was really cute especially among all those beautiful flowers.
From there we went down the street to Parque San Blas where they had the food stands. It all smelled so good. They were cooking the guinea pigs or cuy... the poor things.

After quickly checking out these culinary activities we headed to the Escalinatas to check out the art students' work. Mom had to take lots of pictures while dad and I waited patiently for her. You can see us beyond the mask by the bridge.

As we headed home we went by the Parque de la Madre and here again there was more celebration and dancing. It was quite beautiful and happy.

It was a great day and I can't wait to next year. Perhaps I can convince mom and dad to let me enjoy the entire week. Life is a lot of fun here in Cuenca.


  1. I think maybe Star was destined to be a travel reporter and you a travel photographer.
    Great story ... felt like I was there. Even found my nostrils were twitching when we were all in the park with the food stalls.

  2. Thanks for the insight into the Cuenca activities. We always enjoy the stories and especially the pictures. Keep them coming.

  3. Thank you so very much Mike, Susan and Ricardo... Star appreciates the comments!!!! And, of course, so do I :-)

  4. Hello, Star!

    Wonderful reporting and fantastic photos! Sounds like you had a great day at the
    Independence festivities.

    I really enjoyed the photos of you and your new friend, the Basset mix pup. Did you find out his name?

    So glad you enjoyed yourself. Next year, yes,
    you should go to all the activities with your mom and dad! Hope to see you all soon!!