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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally Things Are Returning to Normal in Cuenca by Star

It's been a long time since I have written, and lots has happened since then that I'll share with you in this and future posts. We are finally in our house although it is not 100% ready and they are working on the other 3 houses that form our small complex, and making lots and lots of noise. But at least we are in and I have a yard and friends to play with.

The weather is much nicer here in Challuabamba, even when it's only 15 minutes from Cuenca. It is warmer here and my dad loves it --mom complains from time to time but she is at least happy that she'll be able to wear her shorts. I love the fact that downstairs of this house has tile as it allows me to cool off when it gets a bit too warm. Although there may be some disagreements on the temperature, we all agree that having less rain works better for all of us. I actually LOVE it here and refuse to get in the car any more after all the moving around we did for 20 days. So, in this post I'll share a little bit of our new house with you.

This is the most important room in the house where my meals get prepared and where I eat. Mom has 1 pot and 1 pan to cook right now and she does just fine, although dad has to wait for my meal to get ready before mom can start cooking his. I love mom; she has her priorities straight!

This is a picture of where mom's laughing Buddha will go once our things clear customs. It has been such a mess this container business. Mom and dad have been very upset, specially mom; it's been nothing but problems. I want our things to get here so mom will feel better and so I can have my agility equipment and be able to practice at home. I think the Buddha will look really nice in its special spot too. I sure don't look like any smiling Buddha, do I?

I have to show off mom's yoga studio. She loves it and so do I. We are waiting for the ropes so I can lick mom's face when she is hanging upside down.

And then there is my yard and my friends: Negrita and Bandam. Mom says there is still lots to do in the yard, but it looks perfect to me! I'm sure she'll plant a lot of flowers and things that will make my playing space smaller.  She already talked to someone about planting a lemon tree ... hmm, I wonder what else she has in mind. 
My friends, Negrita and Bandam, are lots of fun. I specially like Bandam because he likes to play with me and also just hang out. Negrita just had six puppies and when we first moved in she didn't want to play much with me. She is also a bit of thief. She is small enough to fit through the slots of the fence so she comes in and out of my yard freely. Little by little has taken every single toy I leave on the yard to her house next door. She does it with food too. Negrita doesn't discriminate, she also stole the hat of the foreman and took it to her pups. She looks like a saint but she is pretty sneaky, yet I still like her a lot. Negrita would have been part of our family, but she is owned by the guard that takes care of the construction and he cares for her a lot. Bandam also belongs to another guard who looks after the building of a spa about a block away.
Bandam knows how to play and how to hang. I would have to say he is my best friend. He knows when meal time is and everyday he shows up for breakfast and for dinner right on time. Mom and dad also think he is very special. I think Bandam is happy we moved in.


  1. Nice post Star, I am sure your mom won't take away too much of your yard.

  2. Wonderful photos, Star! I love the kitchen and your Mom's yoga studio! And your backyard looks like so much fun for you and your new friends. Enjoy!

    Thanks for posting. Sending hugs to you and your Mom & Dad!

    Mollie, Sophie & Gayle... Hugs from So Cal

  3. What a beautiful home and the weather sounds much more like I would hoped you would find south of the Equator. Star ... tell your Mom she has to be the best dog owner EVER and tell your Dad if they were bestowing sainthoods on the living he would surely be first in line.

  4. Thanks Star for the update. It is great to see your new home and I love your Mom's yoga studio. I wish we were there to share it with her from time to time. Your yard and kitchen look great as well. Don't forget to send some more pictures when the container stuff is settled - we want to see the Buddha also. Have fun.