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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Trip to Vilcabamaba, Ecuador by Star

I can't believe it has been six months since we went to Vilcabamba. We were without a house then, gypsies once more. So mom decided that we could go to Vilca, as we lovingly call it, to enjoy ourselves and see other parts of Ecuador before moving into our house.

They say Vilcamamba is an energy center. I'm not sure what that means, but I really loved there and here is why.

So, first there were the views... just because I'm a doggie doesn't mean I don't pay attention to the views. This is the view from our bedroom at Madre Tierra where we stayed. I loved just to sit on the porch looking at the magnificent surroundings. I can spend hours like that... mom says that I am like a cat in that way... hmm

Then, there was my friend Kenna, who went back to the States shortly after this fun trip. I miss her, but we just had so much fun at Madre Tierra and everywhere we went in Vilcabamba. Mom did not any pictures of our hikes; but, trust me, they were amazing and the hikes and walks are the third reason I loved Vilcabamba.


Even though Vilcabamaba is quite small, there are many fun things to do, if you like nature and its beauty. Another thing I really liked about this place was that every day after our long hikes or walks we went to  Cafe Sambuca where my parents had lunch. Cafe Sambuca is co-owned by a wonder guy from Mexico, Raul Hernandez and they serve real Mexican food, or so I heard.

According to my mom and dad and to everyone else that ate there, the food was outstanding. However, I didn't try the food... they didn't let me (they being my parents). But, I was always too tired from my walks, so not being able to eat was not too bad. Besides mom's Tempeh tacos simply didn't sound good to me, although she must have liked them because she had them everyday... dad's food is always tempting, but he's harder to break than mom, so I got nothing from him not even a small morsel. I wish mom would stop being a vegetarian then I could have her food. But she takes care of me and somehow I ended up eating roasted chicken many days while in Vilcabamba. Yum! That's what I love the most about traveling, roasted chickens always make it to my plate when we are away.

I can't wait to return to Vilcabamba and enjoy the peace and quiet of this place and the wonderful hikes. When are we going back, mom?


  1. Too cute - I love reading the adventures of Star!

  2. Great reading your adventures and makes me homesick for Ecuador....we loved Vilca too.

  3. Thank you Leigh, Susanita and Ricardo.... Star says Woof, Woof :-)