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Friday, March 1, 2019

I Need Your Help on a Couple of Things by Star

Ok ... I know the title of this post is not very creative, but I truly need help with a couple of things:

Number 1 --
Why is my mom thanking God for all the hot showers she had when we lived in the States? In my doggie mind I think that she should be thanking God for the fact that we have water, and that sometimes it's even hot. The same thing goes for the stove. Why is she thanking God for all the times when she didn't need to use a match to turn on the stove? I think she should be thanking God that we have matches, don't you?

Number 2 --
Why does my mom tell some people that my name, apparently, is also Estrella? Mom says Estrella is Star in Spanish; but I like Star. People also call me 'perro"... I don't really like that.